Monday, December 7, 2009


  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
  • I no like Monday.
K-That's all I got.

Oh wait...and I almost forgot! I sure enjoyed the heck out of that fooseball game Saturday night! Go Horns!!!

K-I'm joking that wasn't all!

  • Have you ever known me not to go on and on?!
  • Next time my brother says....hey you SOOO have to see this website...I'm walking away.
  • Speaking of walking away...good grief that crazy Texas game this weekend was tense. They were extremely close to walking away without a win. I'm typically the type of fan that tries to keep my hollarin' on the down low. I think I know just enough about football to enjoy it and not enough to keep from getting overly angry at bad calls or missed calls.
  • Good grief during the last 15 seconds, I was hollarin and hitting the poor, cute guy next to me and screaming, "What are they doing?...The Clock!! The Clock!!! Are they gonna stop it...what's he (Colt) doing???!!"
  • I'm super excited that UT won. That was tense.
  • We watched the game in a sports bar (which I love to do) and when we walked out of there my clothes...mainly jacket reeked of cigarette smoke. Ewww.... that would be the same jacket I wore to visit a church the next morning with my sweet mother.
  • BTW, I'm pretty sure that would be the same church that I visited as a little girl to compete in a Bible Bowl event. (The thought of Bible Bowl always brings back memories of "homemade" onion rings.)
  • Today, being Monday, should sufficiently suck since I woke up Friday morning, took some cold medicine, zonked back out, then later halfway woke up, texted the bosses after realizing that I took the nighty-nite stuff, zonked back out, woke up and went to work to determine that I only sent a text to one boss. The point of that confusing run-on sentence: I have payroll to do and a TON of paperwork to get caught up on.
  • But hey, in the meantime, check out my "speeding ticket" from last night. That cop was one weird dude!
  • Drive safe this Monday.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the Last Airbender? I loved that series!

Judy said...

How did the Sunday night concert go? Good I hope?
And ummm... you and some other blogger in a smokey bar watching a college football game?? Do tell. Or Don't.. never mind.

Kat said...

Airbender is sooo not my type of movie, but I hear there is a fan page on facebook.

There was another blogger in that smokey bar? I think he's stalking me! ;-) lol
Sunday concert went well.