Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ok, onto the links I've found for you today:

Gift Suggestion Quiz. First of all...if you're having trouble figuring out what to buy for him, her, the kids, the pets, the boss' fish...try this site....pick the person, take a quiz and it will filter out some ideas with links, price comparisons for different stores and prices for gift ideas. Incredibly Genius!

WIFI Names: Ok, I laughed. I'll admit it...I laughed! If you have a wireless router, you can change the name from the brand and give it a personalized name. BEFORE you click on that link, let me explain. People can generally be immature, mean, dumb and not nice when in an anonymous state...but sometimes they can be funny. BUT, if you are cruising through an aread and looking for a unsecure, unlocked wifi connection....if you came across most of the names on that list, wouldn't you giggle?
(Mine is now H1N1.)

Football Sideline Celebration Dances: I'm torn as to which version is better....the actual clips or the skit.Either way... men dancing in a celebratory way can be comical. Warning...language warning in the descriptions under each video.

Google Holiday Cards: So , I got excited seeing this site telling me that Google is offering to mail....snail mail a Holiday Card (limit one) to someone for me. I clicked the link and learned that Google has run out of cards.
They post instructions on how you can print your own Google Holiday Card and you can mail it. If Google ran out, couldn't they just access that same link and mail one for me as teased that they would? Maybe they ran out of paper...or stamps..or....ahhh....forget it...I'll do it myself.

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