Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hump Day

  • I received an email at 10:30 am for a meeting at 1:30 at the main office. I don't mind meetings one bit...but, Sir..a little more warning would have been great. I had to struggle to get a school kid's after school time situated.
  • I also had my yearly review at work (a little late). I like the company more and more. I was really nervous about the review process but walked out of it feeling lifted up, encouraged and clear direction on my time so far and future. I now feel silly for being so nervous.
  • On the way to the main office today for the meeting, a pickup passes me, slows down, I pass him, he speeds up, he passes me, he slows down, I pass him....this goes on for about twenty miles before I decide I'm a bit annoyed and tired of it...he finally gets right next to me and holds up his right arm to show off his muscle. I laughed out loud. He tried to say something using hand motions...I was clueless, uninterested and it was raining. I put my left hand up and pointed at my ring finger, as if to say, I'm married. He fell for it and sped off. Hey it's not my fault the brainiac didn't notice that there wasn't a ring there.
  • The guy in the pickup truck didn't look old enough to be out driving a pickup truck at 1:00 in the afternoon. He looked like he should have been in school.
  • We went to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving Holiday to spend time with family....well, the family spent time together....I retreated to the 4 wheeler to check the trails in the woods.
  • I'm going back in March or April to play .... I mean work on the 4 wheeler (and possibility the big tractor) to clear some paths of fallen trees. It gets harder and harder to leave that place every time I visit. I love the family up there and the area they live in is gorgeous.
  • I broke down and wore an Arkansas Razorback t-shirt for kicks on Thanksgiving Day. I showered afterward!
  • On the way back home, we got stuck in standstill traffic 10 miles east of Texarkana. Then we got to drive five miles an hour in pouring rain all the way to Texarkana. Mother showed me that the google latitude iphone map will show you traffic on the google map. We learned that it will show a red line for stopped traffic (which it did) and a yellow line for slow moving traffic (which it did also). We ended up pulling over and waiting out the storm and traffic. It was tough times but we roughed it out.
  • When we finally crossed the state line my younger daughter yells out..."OH, Texas, I see your flag, I missed you sooo's been soo long since I've seen you!" Stinker cracked me up!
  • I love the family, the time off, the lazy mornings, the talks, hugs, fishing, good church service with excellent singing, the food and the laughs. I'm happy happy that I had the opportunity to get to take my girls with me.
  • I'm also loving being home. Maybe I missed that Texas flag too.

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