Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spelunker Death

This story drives me crazy on so many different levels...I can't seem to take it off my browser.

Awful facts:
He died upside down in a cave during a holiday weekend.
He had a pretty wife and a one year old.
They were announcing news of a expecting second child over the holiday weekend.
He was spelunking with family friends.
It seems he was a good guy and if he wasn't then gosh almighty the media would tear his name up.
The poor Mama will have to raise the babies without him, not to mention labor of the second baby without him.
Bless her heart!

Now all of that being said...

...I don't think that his death is enough to close the cave.
His death is the first and that's with having 5000 to 10000 visitors a year.
I can see and totally agree with not allowing anyone in or restricting that area....but closing it in? I don't agree. That bothers me.

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