Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Thoughts it is, finally Friday!
What did we do last night?
We went to the recital for my little incredibly cute!!!
Any problems? Well of course: video camera fail and camera fail. Ugh.
I could not in my rushed state, get my video camera or fancy smancy camera to work.
Between that, my sweet family and newfound friends meeting for's turned into Friday and little time for blogging.
i have come to the conclusion that my family is dysfunctional.
Nevertheless, I love my dysfunctional family because I feel there are families even more dysfunctional than mine is.
I wouldn't trade mine for the world even though mine drives me crazy a little now and then.
I'm craving sushi. Oddly.
Rriday night date calls for sushi-mi, edamame and Saki. Yum.
Enjoy Friday

1 comment:

AnObiter said...

You threatenin' to raid my fish tank??? What?

;-) Enjoy your eda-stuff. [blech]