Wednesday, December 9, 2009


  • I'm going out of town in 3 weeks and I'm totally unprepared. A whole week away from Christmas. This is going to be one crazy month.
  • I'm having the family over to my house on Christmas Eve. I'm cooking turkey and alll the fixings...well..except for the stuff I begged my Mommy to bring.
  • I'm trying hard to stay in the Holiday spirit this week. Having five kids in the house helps. Their little eyes light up.
  • Update on my bro that has been living with me. He now has a great job and now needs a great home. Ugh....home searching in Wise County. Ick....gotta get on that. The sooner he finds a home...the sooner I get my home back.
  • Kids are definitely a different bunch than they were at the beginning of the semester. It really hit me last night when my niece let me pick her up and hold her while I was waiting on dinner to cook. (I'm leaving out the part where I had to bribe her with chips for kisses!) For the longest time the niece didn't know anybody else other than her Daddy and my daughter....and she did not like me one bit.
  • She likes me now.
  • This week's goal was to get through the Christmas Decor and clean up with the kids. I forgot how much decorative stuff we've built up over the years. Good grief. So far we have lights on top of the house and all the inside stuff inside.
  • This year I have my girls the first half of Christmas and they go with their dad the second half. I can't wait. I am sooo going to wear them out with Mom/Daughter Time.
  • I read somewhere on a another blog that Tiger Wood has finally accomplished the near impossible - he's become even more well known! I could not imagine being in the middle of that mess.
  • I have watched very little tv the last two months....I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
  • I wanna upgrade my phone, but rumors of the 4g out there make me shy away.
  • I upgrade my phone and my daughter gets an upgrade too (my old). She'd do just about anything to talk me into a new phone. She probably needs one worse than I do. I shouldn't be surprised but she has worn out the buttons from texting so much.
  • Carry's Wednesday.


Judy said...

My house is for sale in Bridgeport, in a great neighborhood and close to schools. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kids bath is a jack and jill. asking 169,000 but will take less. I'm already out of it.

Anonymous said...

what you are going to have your kids????? That will be a shock to both of yall :)