Friday, December 4, 2009

Icky Friday

  • I think I have contracted The Cold. One of the guys at work wouldn't even let me touch a piece of paper today. That wasn't very nice.
  • Go figure the first email I opened this morning was from a vendor reminding me that flu and cold season is not over yet.
  • I think I went through a whole box of Kleenex today. My poor raw nose is like a faucet.
  • And I'm tired...painfully tired. Going five feet is a small feat in itself.
  • I walked into the house and crawled into bed. I stayed there most of the night.
  • I felt really guilty that the kids were eating Ramen Noodle Soup for dinner last night...until I remembered that they loooove that stuff and that I'm the only that hates that stuff.
  • My older daughter couldn't stand for me to miss dinner so the third time she came to my room asking what she could fix me I gave in and asked what the choices were.
  • She said she would make me some soup. I agreed until she came back and asked if I wanted her to fix me Mushroom soup or Tomato Soup....umm... I then decided to flop out of bed and take some NyQuil.
  • Nasty...nasty, nasty stuff...BUT it works. Well.
  • My work Christmas Party is next weekend. I'm semi looking forward to it.
  • They make a pretty big deal out of it and my boss is getting a reward for 20 years with the company. Yea him!
  • This week has been incredibly busy at work. Incredibly.
  • Shoot....what the heck am I wearing to the Christmas party? Ugh.
  • Speaking of dang dog has a lot of dirt on her pretty little coat.
  • I wonder how that happened?
  • sweet neighbor called me this morning to let me know my doggie was on her front porch this morning.
  • I had to run over at lunch and pick up crazy dog from their back yard and put the dog in my house.
  • The dog found the the only six inches of dirt around the entire fenceline that didnt' have a hot wire above it and almost dug to China.
  • I swear I'm gonna start renting the dog out to ditch diggers.
  • I received a marriage proposal by phone today. Cracked me up, unless he was serious then I should feel bad for laughing out loud at him!
  • I have a band concert Sunday. I'm still holding out the option of playing hooky. I have been practicing like crazy though.
  • OK, by request I changed the crazy profile pic, but that doesn't mean I am not keeping an eye out for ya!


Anonymous said...

And was that marriage proposal from someone you know really well?
Yes those colds are really going around. I had to get granddaughter from school yesterday as she felt so bad.

Judy said...

Yes! Who was the marriage proposal from???

I like your new profile pic.

Kat said...

Eh, he was so joking. He's working related....although..I will admit he's kinda cute.

...hmmm...I wonder if I could convince him to pose for a "pic me up" blog pic?

Thx, Judy! :-)