Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts.

  • Less than one week of school till Christmas break. Woo hoo!!! Please, please, please gimme some snow between now and Christmas Day. In fact, on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day would be great since the work place is already closed.
  • Oh and what do I want for Christmas? Gimme.
  • My contracts with AT&T and my crappy satellite tv service are both up. Now I can do me some shopping for better business. I am VERY interested in the new google phong. I'll take two. My kiddo needs one too. (You think I talk a lot?)
  • I suspect this is going to be another fly by kind of week. Kiddo's band concert, decorating continued, prepping for sweet parents to come over for food and to shower me with gifts as the favorite of them all.
  • Ok...it may be a little tough to compete as ultimate favorite with one of two of the littler kids...but I can try.
  • My 2yo niece seems to like me more and more these days. She hollared at me when I pick her up fast enough when I was fixing supper last night.
  • Her older sister has always called me, "Cool Aunt Trina." Her big brother learned to call me his favorite aunt pretty early (the fact that I was his only aunt is beside the point) BUT he did change after awhile to calling me "Awesome Aunt Trina." I'm still working on the little one but I'm sure I can find another adjective for her. Fabulous maybe?
  • I'll be sad when they get old enough to stop calling me those names.
  • Kids grow into grumps too fast.
  • Ugh, speaking of kids...that boy broke out an "episode" last night. It wasn't too bad but still, what a pill. I did remember how bad his tantrums were when he first got here.
  • Anyone watching Jersey Shore on MTV? I can't remember who told me to watch it but I actually caught a few minutes of an episode this weekend. Good grief...it's just a bunch of overly buffed people walking around barely dressed cursing and hollaring at each other so much that everything gets bleeped out. Ya kidding me? Who wants to see that?
  • I can't find the news article, but there was a list of the top ten high school football kids being recruited. I really thought I would see some kid from my ole high school on that list. I didn't. I did, however, read the author describe one kid as having better moves than a plastic bag in the wind. What the heck, does that mean?
  • Sports can sometimes be a little much for my little brain.
  • Alright, let's get this cold Tuesday started....
now for a new Simon's Cat Video. (I love that stuff...cracks me up.)


AnObiter said...

Nooooooooo! You're abandoning the iPhone? [gasp]


Apple Loyalist

Jarhead said...

Do you prefer, "Kat," "Trina" or "Katrina?"


shamelin said...

The cat Vid had me rolling.....
only 10 more days

I will have to send you some snow from Chicago.

Kat said...

AnObiter...I can't tell you how close I came tonight to switching...I'm VERY tempted.

Jarhead - Kat

Scott - huh? Didn't hear ya....I'm not speaking to you, member?
(BTW - cat vid = me too!)