Friday, December 18, 2009

Fred did it (again)!!!!

Soooo, my little girls get a Christmas present tonight a little early. We'll send you a twit pic later on what it is.

This video will be your clue on what we are doing this evening.

PS. My girls love Fred. Well, let's just say, if I have to be tortured with Fred, then I demand you must also.
PSS. Mom, I'm getting the biggest giggle out of this...who knew Fred was really...real!

Any guesses on "what" their early present is?

(be nice my bigger little girl knows what the surprise is and can't wait to hear your guesses)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's a pair of socks to stick in Fred's mouth.

Anonymous said...

A said be nice didn't you?

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Going to Wolf Pack(?) lodge to do the swimming thing?

If I win can you get back the 3 minutes that I just spent on Fred.

Football guru

Gator said...

Since Aubs got her iPhone last night all I've heard is FRED! I'm gonna have to drink alot this weekend to drown that voice out...

Kat said...

Correct Answer: I owe Footbal Guru 3 minutes back on their life for watching the Fred clip! I need to go find some socks..not a bad idea! lol