Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

  • Two weeks and a day till Christmas. You ready?
  • Did you buy all your gifts for your loved ones?
  • I've worked on the outside lights all week and have just about worn myself out with it.If you look at the lights today compared to Sunday you'll see no difference....but all the yard work is where the real work has been.
  • Tomorrow night...the tree goes up. I'll finish the outside over the weekend. I'm ready to see some twinkle in some kid's eyes.
  • That and I need to let the presents out of hiding. The presents are begging to go out. My favorite part of presents is the guessing game.
  • My mother used to get annoyed with me as a little-girl Kat, when I would correctly guess what a present was. It didn't take her long to start adding things into the package to throw me, buttons, bells, putting something small in a bigger package.
  • I loved that part. The guessing was the funnest part.
  • I just proclaimed last night my dog is better behaved than my mom's dog. My brother responds,"I don't know, I sure did hear you say no a whole lot in the last ten minutes."
  • Maybe my dog could use a little work.
  • In the midst of some cost coding drama at work yesterday I added the question of party attendance to the recipient of the email.
  • She hadn't been too responsive or upbeat over the last week or so.
  • She responds back with, "Yep, I'll be there. In jeans, but I'll be there. My house burned in a fire last week."
  • Oh my.
  • She responds with the forwarded story of how it happened and what they've been through since. It was awful.
  • The email was lengthy, but it was a very interesting read and they have a sense of humor on how they are dealing with it.
  • Thankfully no one was hurt and they have insurance but dealing with the insurance is quite the ordeal.
  • They are currently living in a hotel.
  • He ends the email with:
  • Don't get a House Fire!
  • I'm conspiring right now to arrange some crazy Christmas decor around/in their hotel room....even a decorated door, small tree on a Christmas mat and some goodies left to let the little ones "make" tree decorations. Popcorn and string is the best!
  • Could someone get thrown out of a hotel for caroling?
  • Speaking elderly neighbors have noooo idea what's coming to them next week! I feel some songs coming on.
  • Want me to sing to ya? I'll do it...I will!!!
  • me me me me meeeeee.....
  • Deep inhale.......
"Screw off, man...I'm joking!"

Enjoy Thursday! It won't happen again for another seven days.

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