Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wakey..Wakey XME

If there was ever a Team Jessica or Team Nick, I would probably take the t-shirt, bumper stickers, braclet, shower curtains, and whatever for sweet Nick. Cutie.

Which brings me to my #14 top fav Christmas song...I love this song and this weather seems to make it fit just a tad bit more. Honestly, I really like the older version a ton more. I thought I'd give you the above video to tease the ladies with the cute Nick Lachey...oh and I guess you guys could drool over that Jessica chick...but really who likes a dingy blonde anyway?

Hey! I found this Selma Blair version from a Gap commercial:

Wait did I say dingy blonde earlier? Maybe that was harsh...we have love for all the people on the earth, right?


Jarhead said...

Jessica's voice is terrible: all breathy and nasaly like Britney Spears.

Man, Selma Blair really does it for me for some reason. She's one of those goofy, sexy broads that I like ~ her and Parker Posey.

Jarhead said...

Oh, Zoe Deschanel also does a sexy version of this song in the movie Elf while she's in the shower. Just so you know.

Kat said...

I'll have to check out the Elf one. I saw it on the googled list I found but didn't open it up.

I'm so with on Selma Blair. Well, maybe not quite the same effect, but I really like her in pretty much anything she does. I really believe she is blessed with a ton of talent.