Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Is it just me in a constant rush every single day or is time really just going full speed?
  • Good grief.
  • So the girls, with Baby Daddy this weekend went to see a Christmas Parade and saw Miss Texas and Miss USA. Now my little girl told me Sunday she is gonna be Miss USA.
  • That wasn't a passing thought. She hasn't let up one bit. She questioned Monday and last night on the steps it takes to become Miss America, what you have to do, how old...Mom, can we google that?
  • My answer? Sure, we can, Sweetie...but let me warn you, Miss America has to be really, really, really super smart and she isn't just a pretty face.
  • Hey, first band concert in forever went ok, for me. The band has a whole sounded fabulous (as they usually do). I had fun. Did I hit every note perfectly? Well, maybe not. But I was extremely impressed with how friendly the flute section was every time I went and also the band director disguised as a second flute next to me to sit down and play a solo part by site. Nice job.
  • I'll get better with a little practice. I was pretty, pretty....pretty good back in my day. For now, it's pretty fun to help the young en practice, and actually be able to help her out and practice with her. I love the heck out of how much she enjoys playing.
  • Hmph...today's random thoughts seemed to ramble on about my sweet peas. I had more stuff, but for today, you get the kid update and my mama bragging.
  • Parental bragging is always a good thing.
  • Alright...enjoy Tuesday.

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