Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I sooo meant to tell you last week...but Off 380 Players has been holding auditions this weekend and this week for a couple of upcoming plays. You have another chance tonight.

They not only are they auditioning actors but they could always use help backstage with set design, building, costume, props, stage managers, assistants....they would be happy to use whatever talent you have.

Are you interested but don't have experience or the guts?

Hey...seven...eight years ago (give or take) I went for it...I had no intentions of getting a part, but went and read for an audition anyway. I think that was the best audition I ever did. I didn't expect a part I just wanted to know the process. I read with a guy that was so entirely nervous and he wanted that part sooo badly that he was literally almost shaking uncontrollably on stage while reading. I focused all my energy on helping him get through the audition and didn't care how my own went. I just wanted to know the process, the other actors, how the lights felt, the butterflies, how the script felt....it was great just being there. I fell in love with the whole bit in seconds. I had no experience or any training ahead of time. Over time I learned so much from my own mistakes, from others with formal training or from some that just seemed to have what it took. Either way, I've made friends in that group of people that I will love and cherish forever.
If they would have asked if I would have helped out backstage with lights or props, after that first read, I probably would have done so as if it were Broadway. The crazy part is that back then it was really small, unorganized, the plays were already cast, and the groups wasn't always very friendly with newcomers.
It didn't take too long for change to happen and to evolve into something bigger, better and it hasn't stopped yet.

So go for it. Check out the website. If at the very least, you go hang out, meet someone new and add a new group of folks to stalk on facebook (that will entertain ya and make you giggle) it's better than wondering what's going to be on tv, washing dishes and sitting at the computer to blog about it.

Maybe I should go make an appearance. Hey...I might even bestow you an autograph if you show up and ask me. It might just be worth.....millions someday!

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