Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Pic ME UP

I feel terrible about yesterday....I kinda left the last post of the day as the chubby Jared.

My brother along with his son has The A.D.D. Is it contagious?

Oh...hey...lookey,'s a hottie hottie!

(Dude that Ryan Reynolds guy is cute.)

And when I googled male pic me ups for new material.....I found this site that was pretty funny. I don't care if the last pic really is's still funny.
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Anonymous said...

Hot pick me up! :)

Zeb said...

Your Google link takes you to a site that tries to trick you into installing malware. FYI.

Kat said...

Sweetie, it didn't trick me....if it "tricked you..." then you're easy...

I had a disclaimer in there somewhere.