Thursday, December 17, 2009


  • My tree is up....just in time. Whew....Now to decorate it.
  • I'm not running behind schedule at all this year. It's the schedule that is getting ahead of me.
  • I put the tree up while the kids took turns reading the about the birth of Jesus. It was a good scene until the argument broke out over who created God, who gave birth to Him and how He grew up. How did the argument end? It was settled with the four year interrupting with her out loud thought of: "I want to sleep under that tree." Alrighty then.
  • I only rearranged the living room furniture twice last night. I'm not happy. It still doesn't feel right. It's gonna drive me crazy.
  • I helped decorate a certain good looking person's house this weekend. I used to feel bad for their complete lack of feeling the need to put up a tree and throw tinsels everywhere. After setting out a poinsettia, changing the wreath and hanging some pretty bells on the door....well, I'm envious. Simple wasn't too bad.
  • I'm giving my girls a present early, so I can see them enjoy it for a week before they go with their dad.
  • I'm by no means short on thoughts today, I'm short on energy.

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